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African Potato Pills


Healthy and easy slimming

Support weight loss through increased burning. Users will benefit from stronger immune system function, hereby addressing the factors and risk for degenerative disease commonly associated with obesity.

Proven world wide!

Mind and body energy booster.

Improving the general performance of the body and mind under stressful conditions.
Assist in heart and circulation disorders, hormonal imbalance, depression and stress, increases libido, reduces hypertension, enhances immunity, and lowers cholesterol.

The ultimate anti-inflammantory.

Relieves painful degenerative bone, joint and cartledge related disorders. Combination of Glucosamine and Ghondroiten Sulphate. Regeneration and repairs of joints, bladder infections, relief from knee, hip, shoulder, neck and back pain.

C-Plus Super immune booster.

Has shown to support and assist the body's T-helper cells to derstroy microbes that cause viral infections and immune deficency conditions. Assist in treatment of colds and flu, viral infections, arthritis and rheamatism, liver fuctions, chronic fatique, hypertension, spastic colon and asthma.

Hypoxis Meal Supplement

All in one Natural meal. Just mix with water or milk. A precooked Soy and Maize base instant porridge or shake enriched with vitamins, nutrients and minerals, contains the Afpo health special proven African potato "premix" Assists in the treatment of: Chronic Illnesses, diabetes, cancer, HIV and Slimming(as a meal replacement). The optimum nutrition with Ginko Biloba and Aloe Vera - Sugar Free.

FH - (Homocysteine)

Homocysteine is commonky referred to as a "new" type of cholesterol. Increased levels of Homocysteine in the blood have been associated very negatively with stress, coronary heart disease, heart attacts, strokes, atherosclerosis, venous thromboembolism, certain cancers, diabetes, depression, ostroporosis, Alzheimer's and at least 40 other diseases. Test your homocysteine level and get it under control with Factor H, you owe this to yourself!!

For the whole family.

Supports the immune system in its fight against infections and degenerative diseases.
Beneficial in the treatment of immune related conditions such as HIV, cancer, cardiovascular dicease, gout, arthritis, rheumatism, diabetes, colds and flu.

Immune deficiency conditions.

Natural anti-bolic, and anti-microbial properties, Assists in degenerative diseases such as chronic infections, HIV, gout, arthritis, cancer and diabetes.

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